Sharing Universal Values Exploring Unconditional Love

“Unconditional Love as a Universal Value”

The proposition is that there is a universal value which forms the paradigm for living. This value is the expression of unconditional love. A love which differs from the myriad other little loves expressed through our living process.

The major faiths were represented at the International Peace Day event which took place at Brighton’s Classic Residence. With around 100 people in attendance, it was a a morning filled with diversity, expression, spirituality and friendship – followed with an amazing lunch but on with the compliments of Brighton Classic Residence. There were many new faces to the Interfaith scene an many committed followers.

The objective was to dialogue on unconditional love – what that means, the role it plays in our faith, the role it plays in our lives and moving forward how we can all embrace this very important value. 

A huge thanks to the COMMON team. Another amazing event.