About common

Nicholas Cotsiras (Houourable Minister for Multicultural Affairs) handing over a grant cheque to Anand Shome VP COMMON and Jessiee Singh Founder COMMON at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne.

“COMMON grew from…

… people of diverse beliefs and faiths who came together to foster friendship across ideological and religious divides. We aim to contribute to building a society where there is respect and understanding between all those of belief or faith, be it religious or secular.”

People from a wide range of beliefs and faiths with the aim of supporting a greater sharing and closer understanding within humanity while respecting all individual differences. We wish to include everyone, regardless of their authority or role, so that each person can share their individual capabilities and perspectives in our inclusive grassroots movement. We have an especial emphasis on young people, who are active members already.

Today there is much vilification, misunderstanding and bigotry towards people of different beliefs and faiths that is creating an atmosphere of intolerance at best and some inflammatory situations at worst. This situation can only be remedied by education and peace-building activities together.

Our feeling is that people of different belief are no less than ourselves and deserve to be treated with as much care as we would treat our own. Hence our multi-faith group does not seek to blur the boundaries between faiths or say that they are all the same. We honour the diversity of belief and practice and seek to mutually enhance each other’s journey. Conversion is not our aim, but genuine understanding.

COMMON’s logo symbolises the healing and nurturing that we achieve by bringing together people that have been separated on the basis of belief or faith. In the sharing, learning and understanding between each other, we contribute to the responsible care of our planet for our generation and all of those to come.

The COMMON team on the night of the Annual General Meeting, November 2012.