Past Projects

COMMON events…
Activity Report of events – July 2011
*Sharing Our Land – 21/9/2010
*Multifaith Week – 21/9/2010
* Sharing Our Water – 21/9/2009
* Multifaith Week – 21/9/2009
*Sharing Our Space – 21/9/2008
*Multifaith Week – 21/9/2008
*International Peace Day – 21/9/2007
*Multifaith Week – 21/9/2007

Click here to see more photos of the Sharing Our Environment, International Peace Day


Kevin Rudd in Broadmedeows Victoria, lectures on need for  interfaith dialogue in Multicultural Australia.

Anand Shome, Perviz Dubash and Jessiee Kaur Singh met Mr. Rudd and appraised him of COMMONs ( Centre of Melbourne Multifaith and Others Network ) latest project – to build a Museum of World Religions along the lines of the one in Taiwan. Hoping to bring together Faith and Cultural Communities to create a place showcasing Religious understanding and acceptance. A place where schools can excursion to, families can visit and faith communities can be proud of – in the hope to create familiarity and empathy for all humanity. Creating Cultural Competence and Understanding for everyone to benefit from. Below is the video created by Taiwan.

Click here to see photos and read a short report on this years International Peace Day event held at Brighton Classic Residence. This years theme… Unconditional Love