Christian Networks

Christian Community Churches of Victoria                                                                                     
Mr Geoff Whittaker                                                                        Email:                                                                
Postal Address: PO Box 399, Kilsyth, 3137               

Victorian Council of Churches

Causeway House (4th Floor), 306 Little Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000                                       
Telephone (03) 9650 4511
Facsimile (03) 9650 8383        
President: The Rev Jason Kioa                                
General Secretary: Theo Mackaay       

Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

Cardinal Knox Centre
383 Albert Street, East Melbourne Vic 3002                    Tel: 03 9926 5677
Fax: 03 9926 5617

Edmund Rice Network Oceania                                             Mr Brian Gerone                                                                     Email:                                                  

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